Trado Global Limited Cultivates 137 Acres of premium Pineapple, Okra, and Pepper in support of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, is a universal set of a plan adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, secure the planet and guarantee that all individuals enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a comprehensive guide of the world we look for and an all-inclusive arrangement of objectives, targets, and markers that UN part states will be relied upon to use to outline their plans and political approaches throughout the following 15 years.

These objectives and targets are general, which means: they apply to all nations around the globe, Nigeria inclusive.

Arriving at these objectives requires activity on all fronts – governments, organizations; traditional society, and individuals wherever all have a task to carry out.

Trado Global Limited Nigeria’s Leading Digital Agriculture Investment Platform works hand in hand with The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of Nigeria, of which to end poverty presides, followed by ending hunger, achieving food security, and promoting sustainable agriculture.

As said by the United Nations that, everybody especially the young people of today who will command tomorrow, gets the opportunity to shape what our dream world will resemble. And, are the front liners to convey this message to other individuals; who despite everything question or don’t realize that they have this mind-blowing opportunity to form their reality.

We are glad to be connected by the same vision, and this was why the Trado Global Platform was created: with the sole aim of ensuring our beloved Nation achieves its global development targets faster and better.

We are a group of dutiful Nigerians who has tasked ourselves with the responsibility of ensuring sustainable agriculture by empowering farmers, providing food security for a fast-growing nation and, eradicating poverty by helping individuals/organizations grow financially.

We launched our plantations with agricultural farm produce concentrating on beneficial foods like pepper, okra, and pineapple and others because from our research “it is assessed that despite the huge potential in Nigeria’s agriculture sector the country still imports a large chunk of agricultural produce” (NBS)

We cultivated a total of 137 acres of land (25 acres) for pineapple, (50 acres) for okra and (62 acres) for pepper and a production capacity of over 636 units, with a total cost of 54,025,000 for all three units.

Trado Global has contributed to the SDG 1 and SDG2 by empowering farmers to promote sustainable agriculture and creating a means of wealth creation for individuals, and we are just getting started.

The Milestones we have achieved in such a short time validates the progress report by the AGRA.

In 2018 the Africa Agriculture Status reported, the importance of Agriculture in the future of Africa and also stated that the continent has the greater part of the world’s arable land.

Over a portion of the African populace is utilized in the agricultural sector, and it is the biggest supporter of total gross domestic product (GDP).

Still, Africa is as yet delivering too little value-added items. Efficiency has been comprehensively stale since the 1980s.

However, The Africa Agriculture Status Reports of 2019 stated the role of the private agribusiness in agriculture transformations, highlighting the progress and trends as well as challenges and constraints of private sector firms in the upstream and midstream/downstream off-farm components of the agri-food system.

Indeed the private sector’s role in the agri-food supply chains has undergone a revolution.

In this light, Trado Global Limited shares the vision of a peaceful and prosperous Africa, by supporting the SGD 1 and SGD2 through agricultural development and wealth creation.

Along these lines, we are dedicated to proceed with the hard work towards accomplishing the Zero Hunger and no poverty goal and ensuring no one is left behind.

It is, for this reason, we take to earth’s soil again and renew our pledge to the agri-food supply revolution by farming to ensure zero hunger.

Notwithstanding, as we progress with this revolution and responsibility, we are not ignorant of the fact that, for our endeavours and that of our Nation and beloved continent towards meeting our sustainable development goals by 2030 to be accomplished, they should be supplemented through solid and authentic involvement of incumbent investors.

In conclusion, according to the International Institute of Sustainable Development- Reaching these goals requires action on all fronts. It starts with every single person.

So, we welcome you to join our mission to create a better world in the economy with sustainable agriculture, improve food security for our fast-growing Nation, and be on our profitable investment framework.