About Us

Trado Global Limited is a farm co-operative society platform focused on agricultural e-learning

As an agribusiness platform whose core values are human-centric amongst which the sustainable development goals rank first. Our goal is to increase the living standards of every low-income farmer and the everyday Nigerian by connecting farmers and sponsors to better agribusiness opportunities to grow impact funds and earn smart returns.

Our Mission

Our mission is to invest in digital innovation and technologies to swiftly transform our agriculture and food supply chain while sponsoring low-income farmers, impacting agricultural knowledge, creating an alternative wealth creation, and ensuring access to modern-day financial services, all from the comfort of your home.

The company consists of a dedicated team of agritech professionals,

with the best prove of expertise in their various fields of endeavor providing the best insights and advice on the most sustainable agricultural practices to ensure the best profits and efficiencies

What Makes Us Unique

Three years strong! Our rates are unmatched because the interest of our sponsors is our priority

Trado Global Limited dish out knowledge on agricultural practices through their e-learning platform.

Trado Global Limited stands out of the crowd because we are the farmers, not mere intermediaries.

With the use of modern farming skills and techniques, technologically improved seeds, and farm machinery, we are committed to expanding our reach in improving living standards for all.

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