Trado Global is an Agritech company that uses arising automation to innovate in the agro ecosystem. We develop product and services that makes agriculture interesting, profitable for young Agric enthusiasts, professionals, retirees, investment companies and diasporas. We solve malnutrition and hunger issues by using modern technology to maximize productivity. The agriculture real estate aims to solve problems that are related to management of farm assets, water supply, security and also offer provision of a centralized system that will increase the power of sales while serving as an alternative form of income to farm facilities owners and increasing livelihood of small holder farmers by optimizing their productivity

- Our Mission -

Our mission is to solve problems related to hunger and malnutrition by using technology and providing efficient, experienced operational systems thereby increasing standard of livelihood of farmers and agriculture enthusiasts

- Our vision -

Our vision is to become a leading Agritech company in the agro ecosystem driving innovations and growth

- Core values -

Velocity: We operate with sense of urgency and discipline towards the direction of success