Own a piece of profitable Agriculture Real Estate from anywhere you are.

Explore our asset portfolio: GreenHouse Farms Fish Ponds and Poultry, developed just for you. ...

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100% Ownership
High profits return
Flexible Payment within 3 - 12 months
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Why Own
an Agriculture Real Estate With Us?

Our Experienced Hands
Your asset will be managed by a team of seasoned farmers and experienced consultants who specialize in developing and managing agric real estates.

Whether it’s the GreenHouse farm or the poultry or fish farm, your assets are built and maintained in secure locations where they can be closely monitored. ...

Risk Management
Take advantage of our partnerships with insurance companies across the country to secure your agriculture real estate assets.

Assured Yield from Assets
Managed by our experts with years of experience, your asset with Trado yields multiple times the amount from any other kind of agriculture real estate.

Leverage on Our Partnership with Off-takers
Want to sell the farm produce from your assets? Not a problem. With Trado, you can take advantage of our ‘Off-takers’ agreement with processing companies who have a high demand for the products from your asset.

We Are Real Farmers…
Boasting 3+ years of success in the agribusiness industry. Doubling as agri-tech consultants, we aim to partner with individuals and companies who are searching for opportunities in the agricultural sector.

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a Farm Asset

I Can Own an Agriculture Real Estate

You can now add either one of a GreenHouse Farm, a Poultry or a Fish Farm to your list of assets. With us, your agribusiness assets are transformed into a channel of income that brings you extra cash.

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An Agribusiness Asset for my Family

Not sure what other project to diversify that family savings into? You can choose any of our three agribusiness portfolios to own and enjoy steady ROR from.

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Agriculture Real Estate for Corporate Entity

Looking to increase your organization’s asset base? You can choose any of the agriculture real estate portfolios from Trado to fund while we help you turn them into assets that yield guaranteed ROR

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You’ve Got a Land?
We can Build your GreenHouse,Poultry and Fishery.

Boasting over three years of success in the agricultural sector, Trado doubles as an agritech consultant (both online and physical), helping individuals and companies interested in agriculture to plan towards and implement their goals depending on location, technology, size and commodity.

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